The Wild Fruit

You found us and we are so happy that you are here.  

We are a small but mighty startup rooted in the belief that kids are fun loving heroes with invisible capes. The passion behind our hand illustrated designs embodies the childlike essence of awe, wonder and play. We care a great deal about designing clothes kids can relate to in a unique and special way. 

Creating from this heart centered space is a profoundly joyful process and also invites conscious awareness of our ethical, environmental and social impact. For us, service to all for the greater good is true success. The best news is that we are on an adventure and you are totally welcome to join the ride. 

                                                                        No Animal Testing And Ethically Mindful

Sustainable, low impact childrenswear is our priority at The Wild Fruit. You can shop with us safe in the knowledge that our clothing is vegan friendly. It may help to also know that products marked EarthPositive® undergoes annual audits to comply with the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) Code of Labour Practices.


                                                                          Environmentally Friendly Everything

In a world where environmental responsibility is now more important than ever, we want to play our part in shaping a better future.  Everything on our store is created with eco conscious intent, right through to the ink used to print our designs which is water based. Your parcel is also guaranteed to arrive on your doorstep nicely wrapped in fully recyclable (or compostable) packaging. Fancy that. 


                                                                                    Combed Organic Cotton

For us, it is very important to reduce the amount of toxins we expose ourselves and others to. That is why we choose to use GOTS certified 100% organic cotton across our entire collection. This ensures us and by extension, you, of clothing that it is free from toxic heavy metals, GMO, and other chemicals that may also negatively impact farmers, their families and the planet. Organic cotton is kinder to the delicate skin of your little ones too.